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50% reduction in escalated calls
There has been a big improvement in the way I control calls, calm down irate customers, treat customers as individuals, build rapport with customers and genuinely show them I want to help while reminding them of their responsibility.
Customer Advisor

Procter has provided training, support and consultancy in the Service Delivery world for the last thirty years.

what we do?

Normally we are engaged to help deliver a customer focused culture with the aim of increasing customer satisfaction, improving people engagement and driving better revenue opportunities.

We work with a wide variety of clients across diverse industries whose motivation is to differentiate themselves in the marketplace through customer service excellence.

Our pedigree is about defining good practice and helping our clients deliver it consistently across multi channel environments. Specifically we help you improve your own or regulatory standards through pragmatic, hands on solutions.

why do our clients recommend us?

We cut to the chase - we have a very clear focus on what's right for you and your customers and help you stick to the plot. We deliver the business result - we do what we say we'll do. We help you sustain a customer focused culture in the long term - giving you confidence you’re getting value for money. And finally we live by our brand ideals of being frank, spirited, considered, enterprising and trusted.




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